Happy Pancake Day: A stop at Senzala Brixton

AKA Shrove Tuesday.

The day to eat up all the fatty foods in your kitchen … I didn’t, I’ll have them tomorrow. And the day after, and after that. Last year, I tried to give up coffee for Lent and it just wasn’t happening, I think that’s when I realised I might be addicted to Costa.

This year I’m not giving up food, however I’m going to try give up all negative thoughts I say to myself, I speak a lot of negative language even without realising so I’m going to start speaking positively because as you know, the tongue is very powerful. It’s a different matter to think positively but you have to say it into existence.

So yeah, to celebrate Pancake day, I could not be asked to make my own pancakes, I’m not even good at it (the flip over gets really messy) I went down into Brixton Market to Senzala, a French-Brazillian creperie bar and cafe in the Village Market and had one of the best crepes ever had. Berlina – a mixture of ham, spinach and cheese stuffed in buckwheat flour crepe and topped with cream – can someone say #life?


savoury crepe

The restaurant is dedicated to pancakes only and serve crepes from savoury to sweet all day. Now, it may look small but I assure you it’s actually very filling, I couldn’t even get a sweet option for dessert. Maybe on my next trip I can try more things from their menu. Included in the menu are options from Full English, that’s cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and fried egg to crispy bacon, drizzled with maple syrup to the King Prawn Cajun. I personally want to try one of their banana infused crepes.

Senzala Brixton Creperie Bar & Café @ The Brick Box

Brixton Village Market,

41-42 Coldharbour Lane,




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