Khaki Krazy

The new black. The colour of the season. It’s Army green.

I cannot profess my love for this colour any more than I already have, It’s an instant style boost to any outfit and that’s why I own a few jackets in this colour 😉

It’s also a popular choice for Paris’ biggest designers from Olivier Rousteing at Balmain to Isabel Marant and celebrities can’t deny its beauty. Khaki/army green almost always appears on runways during fashion week every year because it works well in both summer and winter as Ralph demonstrates girly army:



Rihanna and Kim K donned a few of their favourite Balmain pieces just last year:

rihanna-balmain-fall-2014-fashion-show1 1404938248798_wps_2_image001_png

Here’s how you can also be a part of the crew from only £9.99

khak krazy

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