As any 20 something year old living in London, a good night out is very much appreciated. We’re surrounded by all different kinds of clubs, restaurants and bars, it’s awesome, I like trying out the different bars whenever I’m out because it’s a great way to meet new people and also great fun to adhere to a set dress code.


A nightclub may require a body hugging mini dress although I do like to challenge myself on this, the short slinky dress bores me, a casual bar or dinner would call for skinny jeans and heels maybe or an embellished skirt with a simple off-white top. A whole other story if you were going to a burlesque or vintage bar! You need to go all out. No one loves vintage more than me so therefore anything involving dressing up, especially vintage glam, is right up my sassy street.

I discovered Rose. Rabbit. Lie a few days ago, defined as a modernised supper club located in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, a merge between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment – sounds awesome right? I’m not exactly sure what to expect from a place called Rose. Rabbit. Lie but I’d imagine the London equivalent to be Cafe Des Paris but nonetheless, Rose. Rabbit.Lie is going on my to-go list. But until my trip to vegas, I can only dream which is why I’ve thought up an outfit for a night at the club.


“The Cosmopolitan’s premier social club, transports you from modern times to the roaring 20’s with its vintage art and shabby chic decor.”

With a dress code of casual elegant, it was quite a challenge to find the balance between the two but by adding a white flare skirt to the sparkly top, the look can be toned down. I wanted to go for a flirty look also, which is why I chose these fluffy sandal heels in a very sexy colour. How amazingly beautiful is this purse though? It completes the look as a final touch of elegance.


Over to you! What do you think?

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