The importance of background style


This is a different kind of post to my usual ones. As you all may be aware I rarely take any outdoor pictures, mainly because there’s no one to help me take the pictures or I just don’t have the time. Instead I take pictures in my living room on a plain and simple beige background. I would do it in my room but the living room is a totally different look to my bedroom.

I live with my mum at the moment so the house is in “her style”. My room on the other hand is my own space where I can do me; with bright green walls, auburn carpet and fashion collages on one side of the walls, it looks cluttered but we’ll call that creativity 😉

I don’t take pictures in my room because the background would distract  too much from the outfit so I stick to the minimalist look of the living room however, if I should get my own place, I wouldn’t go for the minimalistic decor because I’m kind of a hoarder… not extreme but I like colours,I like prints and I enjoy decorating so no way is my house going to be straight one colour/one design! I already gather ideal looks on Pinterest you can have a look here.

Luckily for me, I have the chance to design my own living room thanks to Modani,a modern furniture store specializing in contemporary and modern furniture. As a fashion blogger, location is a critical part to how an outfit holds together, it adds that extra bit of character to the look and for times where it’s wayy too cold to shoot outside, a person’s home should reflect their style also. I’ve seen posts from bloggers in their own homes and it doesn’t take away the quality of their post because their background space reflects their character so it’s still authentic and that’s what matters.

So here is my take on the living room style:

Modani living room challenge




daring elegance

I chose a simple white modern sofa as the centerpiece of the living room and accesorised with neon shots of colour and a few prints. I chose a plain sofa so it doesn’t look too crowded after decoration plus white makes everything look spacious.My favourite items of the collection would have to be the neon pillow and yellow shelf, definitely brightens any room!


Over to you! What do you think?

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