Outfit Post: Oriental Dress

I found this dress in Primark yesterday, I think it was sold out but this particular one had been hidden  all the way in back behind the jersey maxi dresses, my eyes caught a glimpse of floral activity in the back and I thought I should reach for it. It’s a great summer dress and it was in a size 16, I didn’t care, it’s only two sizes bigger! The first thing that came to my mind when i saw it was “someone was saving this for themselves” I know because I do it too, if I see an item I really like and I don’t have money or time to buy it straight away I hide it so when I come back it’s still there, sometimes when I get back it’s gone but other times its still sitting in the random pile waiting for its rightful owner. 🙂

It was pay back time.

20130804_162622Dress: Primark, Sandals: Primark, Belt: Primark, Necklace: Superdrugs

20130804_161425 20130804_161515 20130804_16135320130804_162034


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