Fifi’s blog update!

Hi all, I just want to inform you guys about a few changes to the blog. As you can already see I changed the blog name (again) I just haven’t found the right name; when it feels right , I’ll know and then I can change the blogs URL too.

I’ve set up an email address for the blog so if you have any enquiries, simply send me a message and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Queries can be anything from┬ástyle inspirations (what to wear/how to wear) to advertising on the blog to style diaries and anything else – even if its to ask where I did my hair :p

I recently helped someone out on Yahoo Answers, I was casually snooping around the internet and I came across the question so I thought I’d be helpful and created an outfit for the person. The question was:

What shirt would you wear with these pants?

Cross Printed Harem Pants

My answer:

it depends on which colour you get and if you want to wear it casually or dress it up. I’ve put together some outfits you might find helpful.
for a casual sporty look:


to dress up:


So yeah, I just wanted to let you guys aware of that, please feel free to contact me at, if you have questions like the one above or you have an event to attend and aren’t show of what to wear, don’t hesitate to step in my corner :p



Over to you! What do you think?

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