Outfit Post: Green dress x skater skirt

I like colours as you may know, and green is not one of my favourite colours but yet a lot of clothes in my wardrobe are green (even my room is painted green, but that’s another story – I went through a phase lol)

This green dress I’ve had for a while and it’s quite short so I only wear it on certain occasions, however, as time passes, the dress gets tighter and tighter and I’m not ready to give it away yet or even try to lose weight. There’s still a few wears in it so I decided to wear it to church on Sunday obviously it’s too short for church so I wore a skirt over it which is even better because as I was putting it on, it ripped a little at the bottom!

20130609_131011 20130609_131038 20130609_131123 20130609_131132 20130609_131155 20130609_131234 20130609_131307(0) Collage PhotoGrid_1370787761212

Dress: ZARA, Skirt: TOPSHOP, Blazer: TOPSHOP, Shoes: NEWLOOK, Bag: THRIFT


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