What’s in my shopping bag?

Hey people, hope you’re having an alright week.

I have a little bit of time today to updated you on what I’ve been up to. On Monday, I treated myself to a little bit of shopping after handing in my coursework and I got myself some lovely things, yay.

wpid-SAM_4385.JPGI bought the two turbans in the above picture from Brixton market. They were £3 each but I got the two for £5. Nice easy to wear colours – black and green.

imagePurse £2

When I saw this purse I knew I had to buy it, I may not carry it but I want to own it 🙂 I like big bags to fit all of my junk in and this purse can barely hold my phone and wallet at the same time but who cares, it’s too cute to be left behind, right?

It was originally £7 actually but the cashier saw how badly I wanted it and gave me a discount. I weren’t going to pay £7 for something I probably won’t wear!

imageBelt £6

Oh the belt that brings me joy, it’s a little small for my lower waist but lucky enough it fits just below my boobie area so yay, cannot wait to wear that.

imageNecklace £6 H&M

This necklace is all types of amazing, I know I hate animals with more than four legs but this looks good, one of the studs on the necklace was missing though but that was the last necklace left and I didn’t want to leave it behind.

Necklace £9.99 H&M

I’m not sure why I bought this, I mean, I like it but I still don’t know what I would wear it with or if I’ll ever wear it. And as much as I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need it, it still followed me all the way to the till…

Coat £20


Top TK Maxx £12.99

Joggers £10 H&M

So yeah, that’s all I bought. See you next time xx


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