Rihanna for River Island @ LFW (Video & pictures)

Hi, I know this post is rather late but I’ve had it planned for a long time and it would feel like a waste if I didn’t post it. As you know, Riri designed a collection for River Island and it was shown during LFW.


The 90s-grunge inspired collection features simple black maxi skirts with thigh-high slits some plain cropped sweatshirts as well as overall dresses and dungarees.


I expected more from Rihanna seeing as she as great style but this is very dull, I see some nice pieces that I might buy … but if the price is stupidly expensive, I can always get a similar version from Forever 21. I guess we can’t really complain anyway – she’s a singer, not a designer.

I can see her wearing all of this though or rather, have already seen her wearing it, seems like her wardrobe was inspiration.

Watch the full show below and behind the scenes footage.

Look how happy and proud off her work she is in the video! Too cute.

ImageThe collection will be available in stores from March 5.

Toodles. xx

source: rihannaindonesia; fabulous

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