Outfit Post: Bomber jacket with fur collar

Hi guys, I’m just going to show you what I wore yesterday  Tuesday was fairly warm and Wednesday was disgustingly cold! Thursday even worse (Thursday outfit post coming up later) I mean I didn’t need a jacket on Tuesday, then Wednesday comes and I need a jacket, scarf AND gloves?! I definitely was not prepared for that and I suffered for it lol.

Another thing I want to complain about is the quality of my pictures, I know they weren’t great before but they’re even worse now as my sister (older) has misplaced my camera so I have to use my phone’s camera and you would expect a Galaxy Note to take great photos but its not great when it’s dark. Plus, I only have time to take photos later in the day because of classes and coursework deadlines sooo yh, forgive me.


20130220_181235 20130220_191942 20130220_192007 20130220_192132 20130220_192415 20130220_192451 20130220_192816


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