Outfit Post: “Do it like a brother!”

Hey all, I have another outfit post for you today.

Yesterday, I wore  this men’s ‘guns n roses‘ jumper from Primark and I teamed it with my high-waisted shorts which I bought from  a thrift shop last year. I wore a cardigan I bought on my trip to Westfield Stratford last week, it’s also from Primarks’ men section. I actually saw a man on the train yesterday wearing the same cardigan – so awkward, I bet he was thinking: “did I buy a womans’ cardigan?” lol

Anyway this was my look, you can like, leave comments and share if you wish. please ignore the background 😀

20130129_111229Collage 20130129_15433320130129_213436b PicMonkey Collage20130129_21231820130129_213656bPhotoGrid_1359509775643[1]

20130129_212214I had to edit the crap out of these pictures because I took them inside and the lighting was pretty bad.

Instagram: swiftly_ify


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