Outfit Post: “The cold weather is not an excuse to look dull”

So it started snowing in London today … not very happy about that. I mean I like fresh snow – makes everything look pretty but actually being out in the snow, walking on it then it gets dirty and starts to melt and thats when we all start falling! It’s too much stress if you ask me ..
One of my coursework was due in today so I had  to go into uni to finish it. I finished it on time though – not to great standards- but it’s finished 🙂
Here’s what I wore:


I wore army jeans from New Look, and two jumpers (yes, you read that right. Two) my coat was a gift from my sister like 6 years ago, but I don’t wear it much but I had to bring it out for today because of the weather.

Anyway sooooo, who isn’t excited about the weekend? ?? I plan to shop, shop, sleep and shop some more!! I like treating myself after handing in coursework :D. Speaking of shopping, I ordered a bag ftom Matalan last week and it finally arrived!  Been obsessing over it on instagram lol x
Instagram: duchess_fifi


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