Outfit Post: that dress…

Hi lovelies, its Ify here again (as usual) bringing you my OOTD. Today I’m wearing leggings from Select and a two-tone jumper from Zara, I originally planned to wear just that this morning with a jacket and my boots but  I felt like something was missing so I was looking for a cardigan to wear on top of the jumper and then put my jacket on top of that (you can never be too sure with British weather) so while I was looking for a cardigan, I came across this dress from TK Maxx which I bought earlier this year and only worn twice! So I thought it was time to take it out of the closet…. annnnd here it is! Enjoy, & leave comments :pSAM_38121 SAM_38131
SAM_38151 SAM_38161
SAM_38172 SAM_38191 SAM_38201SAM_38141 SAM_38221Dress: TK Maxx, jumper: Zara, boots: Primark, denim jacket & bag: thrift, earrings: Primark, leggings: Select


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: that dress…

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