Rita Ora features in Vogue UK’s December issue!

Rita Ora has landed a feature in the December 2012 issue of British Vogue. Photographer Scott Trindle captured Rita in a bold state where she sports her signature bright red lipstick, neon green nails and an abstract wardrobe with designs from Balmain to Cartier.

In the interview, the “R.I.P.” singer expresses herself on various topics:

On how lucky she is to have Beyonce as a mentor:

“I used to watch her in Destiny’s Child. I used to study her riffs, her control, her facial expressions,” the style maven says. “I was such a big fan of hers.”

On her pre-fame fashion inspiration:

“I knew about the high-end clothes, but I never had the money to get them. So, I’d make them. I’d get clothes and cut them up.”

On the possibility about creating a fashion line in the future:

“Ah, 100 percent! But if I were to do that, I would literally just do a clothing line, I wouldn’t do an album. I would concentrate. Maybe after seven albums or something.”

On having to share a room with her sister growing up:

“I used to go in the bathroom, sing in front of the mirror. I’d close the door and write songs, because my sister wanted to sleep.”

On her influence as a style icon: 

“All these girls had tattoos of my name on their arm. Girls with blonde hair and red lips. I couldn’t believe the effect I’d had!”

On flying out to meet Jay-Z for the first time: 

“I told him I would need to save up a bit and he started a laughing. He probably thought I was being cute or something.

When she finally meet Jay-Z: “I was in so much shock, the only thing I could do was act smooth.”

The 21 year old singer’s personal style is funky, colorful and always involves a bold lip.

Personally I love these images, I’m not really a fan of hers but this is probably the best I’ve seen her. For more, visit to British Vogue!

Source: global grind, fashionbombdaily, vibe vixen

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