Am I prepared for winter or what?!!

Hey guys, how’s everyone enjoying their Friday? I can imagine most of you partying it up for the weekend :p I’m here in my bed trying to keep warm, it’s freezing outside!!! Yesterday was just windy and manageable but today is soooo cold, like I went out for a minute or two and I couldn’t feel my toes 😦

But I guess that’s London for you, who knows, it might be sunny tomorrow? (who am I kidding lol)

While we’re on the topic of winter, I just wanted to show you guys how prepared I am for the weather. A friend of mine mentioned not having a winter coat yet and I thought to myself: “neither do I” but that’s such a typical line for a shoppaholic to say, ‘I don’t have one or I want a new, better one’

So I thought I should check to see how many jackets I have and it turns out I have about 17. I only took a picture of the 13 I could find though, the other 4 must be in my sisters’ room or someone’s house….

That’s my collection so far. (Blazers and cardigans not included*)

I will still buy more because this isn’t even up to 20 yet! I should be ashamed of myself really. Then I need to buy more gloves, scarves, boots, beanies etc.

How many Coats/jackets do you have?? leave your comments and let’s converse!!!


2 thoughts on “Am I prepared for winter or what?!!

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