Back to red. (100th post!!!)

Hello everybody, Ify here as usual. So its October already … someone explain to me where this year is running to?? It’ll be my birthday soon before I know it (23rd Nov. for you curious ones), hitting the big 2-0 ¬_¬

Anyway I’m going to use this over-used phrase and say: new month, new me, new look! haha yeah, I recently dyed my hair again, still the same short look, just red-er 🙂

Have a look:

I’ll also use this opportunity to upload a few random outfits from the past week too and, another random comment: it’s my hundredth post!!!!! yay me and thank you guys for reading, please share with your friends if you like my blog. You can share on Twitter, Facebook  Tumblr or Pinterest, these links are available at the bottom of each post. 🙂

(back to ze hair)

On my way to the salon…

Ginger headBored at the salon


Leave your comments sweeties xx


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