One very hot Sunday!

Hello !

Another very random hot weather in London this past weekend. Loving it! ­čśÇ

On┬áSunday, I went to church as usual but it was like 31 degrees and I was actually thinking, “how am I going to go to church looking decent and appropriate but at the same time not cook myself from the heat because I’m trying to cover up?” one answer: Maxi!

Although, I┬ádidn’t┬áexactly have a maxi dress I thought was nice enough for church, I decided to wear something flow-y so I can at least get some breeze …lucky enough, I had just bought a lace skater skirt from H&M last week so that was the basis of my outfit.

Take a look at the completed look below:

The ‘wings’ of this blouse makes it so easy for me to get enough breeze and freedom so it was perfect for the day. As for the h&m skirt, I actually did not┬árealise┬áit was see-through until now, it’s lined though (maybe from the flash of the camera but you can see my shirt was covering what needed to be covered + I was wearing shorts anyway) ­čÖé

While at church though I did notice a few stunners and I just had to get some pictures of them, not all though because my cameras’ battery died ­čśŽ But here’s what I’ve got,┬ámaybe┬áyou can be inspired a little…

What lovely tie dye job… and the studs around the neckline… *lovestruck* I┬ádidn’t┬ámanage to get where she brought it from though… (boooo)

Last but not least, is a 15 year old boy that caught my eye. I’m not really into Mens’ fashion but I think this boy just made me fall in love. When I saw him, I was just thinking “YES, YES, YES” He’s just too cute ­čÖé


So that’s all the street style I could get and I hope you enjoyed it. Like, Comment, Share!

I’m out xx


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