How to wear: That T-shirt

Hey guys, hope you’ve been having a good week and all. I’ve had an alright week so far, applying for tonnes of jobs, shopping with the little change in my pocket lol 😉 nothing stops a shopaholic from buying more clothes she doesn’t need.

Today I’m just going to show you how to wear that old t-shirt in your wardrobe. We all have one and if you don’t have one, head to Primark and bag yourself one because they come in so handy. You can wear them in so many ways, soooooo soooooo many ways! I’m going to show you how I wore mine yesterday and other options I could have gone with. Well technically, it’s not mine, it’s my younger brothers’, he got it from Primark last year but he never actually wore it so I’m kind of doing the top a favor by helping it fulfill its purpose.. which is to be worn!

When I wore it yesterday to Westfield, I wore my black jeans with it, with brown flats and my backpack which I’ve been dying to take outside. I bought it from Liverpool street market a few months ago and I’ve never worn it with any outfit so it was cool to rock it for once.

Yeah so that’s how I wore it. Originally I wanted to wear them with shorts but you can’t be too sure with this weather, I could have worn tights with them but then I would have liked to wear some type of boots with it or converses & I didnt want to wear too much clothing/layers because it was hot outside but there was no sun shining but then it got cold so I went with the easy option – Jeans.

Below are two options I had in my mind of how to wear the top, hopefully it inspires you and gives you new ideas of how to wear your old t-shirt (and not just to bed)

1) with shorts

2) with a skirt

How celebrities wear it


I do apologise for having a lot of Rihanna pictures but she has been living in T-shirts lately…

Street style:

(again i do not claim any right over these images, just a girl having fun, admiring others’ sense of style)

Oh and how cute is this necklace I saw in Superdrugs for only 99p ❤ ! I just had to buy it

See you next time lovelies. xx


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