Outfit post: Fruit Bowl

Hey guys! Its been a sunny few days in London and you know we don’t like to put it to waste because we never know when we’ll see the sun again so we try to make the most out of it.

The part of London that I’m from (south London),every time the sun comes out , someone must have a barbecue – that’s just how we roll 😉 … and thats when you see beautiful ladies coming out in their maxi dresses, shorts, printed tops, beaded/jeweled sandals & anything else you can think of. I never really have anywhere to go so I just admire their colorful outfits from afar.

This Friday though, I had to make a guest appearance on Reprezent radio, just to talk about my style and other things to do with fashion. It was all last minute because a friend of mine works there so she just told me to come in so I didn’t have the time to inform you guys about it and tell you to tune in 😦 but anyway, there will be loads more to come…

So there I was with an interview coming up and the sun shining like never before and I decided to take that chance to dress up bright and colorful, I know its just radio and the audience can only hear me but I like to make an entrance 😀 (& I must say, a lot of eyes were on me while I was making my way to the studio, not sure whether it was good looks or bad looks)

So here was my outfit for yesterday, hope you enjoy:

Sandee from Reprezent radio

Shirt and Skirt – thrifted, necklace(wrapped around the neck twice) – H&M, “bracelet” – primark (originally a layered necklace but I wore it as a bracelet: see below) shoes – new look, bag – DKNY.

see you next time xxx


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