Last week I went shopping in Lakeside shopping centre, [Essex] and I came across this colorful playsuit that I really liked for £5 from Primark. Excited as I was, I picked one up, checked the hanger label, it said: size 12 so I ran to the till to pay for it and get out of there. I’ve been busy all week that’s why I haven’t really posted on here in a while so i hadn’t really had the chance to try the playsuit on…..

Today I decided to try it on in order to prepare my summer wardrobe BUT theres a problem 😦 – it doesnt fit, it wont go past my hips so I checked the size on the tag and it says: size 8 😥

But anyways, I’m willing to give it away to anyone who wants it, its only £5 so I’m not going to sell it (if it was £30 then yeah, you’ll be paying half price so yeah, if you’re interested, email me: (don’t laugh, its an old email)



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